Glidden HEP Exterior Paint + Primer Satin, Adventure / Blue, 1 Quart


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Glidden® High Endurance® Plus Exterior Paint + Primer brings the quality you expect from Glidden® to your outdoor projects. This performance latex paint is ideal for properly prepared or previously painted exterior wood, stucco, concrete, pre-primed and unprimed hardboard, fiber cement board, weathered aluminum, weathered vinyl siding*, and metal. The 100% acrylic formula protects against UV rays and resists color fading. It provides excellent hide and adhesion and a mildew resistant coating that can be applied in low temperatures (down to 35ºF). *Vinyl siding and similar plastic composites should not be painted with a color darker than the original color. Painting vinyl siding or plastic composites with a darker color may cause them to warp. Color selection for use over vinyl siding is limited. For information, call 1-800-441-9695.


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