Great Value Ultra Strong Toilet Paper, 6 Mega Rolls


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Great Value Ultra Strong Toilet Paper features 2-ply sheets of toilet paper that are super strong and absorbent making them the perfect solution for your family. This toilet paper has the perfect combination of supreme strength and luxurious softness that you have been looking for allowing you to get the job done without needing a large amount of paper in a single use. This toilet paper has supreme strength which provides effective washcloth-like cleaning while being gentle on your skin. This pack comes with 6 mega rolls, so you get four times the sheets of regular rolls, meaning you won’t have to buy toilet paper as often. Each long lasting roll has a stylish embossed texture that not only helps in effective cleaning but also adds to the beauty of any bathroom. The rolls come in smartly sized bundles that are easy and convenient to store in home or in workplaces. Bring home the Great Value Ultra Strong Premium Toilet Paper.


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