Handi-Foil Super King Aluminum Foil Extra Deep Oval Roaster Pan, 1 Count


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Add convenience and performance to your kitchen pantry with this Handi-foil Super King Aluminum Foil Roaster. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum for quick and even heating and great results every time. The pan dimensions are 17.25-inches long x 12.68-inches wide x 4-inches deep. The generous sized super strong and extra deep pan is ideal for large roasts, glazed ham, roasting chickens, turkeys with room for vegetables. The deep side walls keep your food and juices in the pan where it belongs. Remember to support the bottom of the pan when it has food in it to prevent accidents. Use it for your next Sunday dinner, parties or for the holidays. Clean-up is easy and eco-friendly, just rinse and recycle. Spend more time with your family and friends and less time in the kitchen scrubbing pans. This pan is disposable so you can take it to a party and not worry about getting your pan back. Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.


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