Lamosi Disposable Cups Paper Cups Mouthwash Cups, 5 oz, 300 Count


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Lamosi 300 Pack 5 oz Disposable Bathroom Cups Paper Cups Mouthwash Cups. Want to take a shot of espresso? Or do you need cups to use in the bathroom? Lamosi 300 packs of 5 oz disposable paper cups for bathroom can meet your needs. It can be used for hot and cold drinks, espresso, juice, mouthwash cups, kids’ drinking cups, disposable travel cups, and is very suitable for barbecues, picnics, travel and activities. These mouthwash cups 5 oz for bathroom are stacked on the sink of the bathroom as mouthwash cups so that guests can gargle after dinner. You can also use it for decoration, or put some paper clips or other small things in the office. Not only are these bathroom cups functional and practical, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing. These assorted paper cups add a touch of fun and personality to any environment. Meet the only small paper cups you’ll need!


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