Solo Plastic Party Cold Cups 16oz Red 50/Pack P16RLR


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Bring red Solo cold party cups to gatherings and keep drinks safe from drips.

Give a toast with red disposable cups, which are made from durable polystyrene to hold items such as ice cream and soda without any breakage. The thick plastic on these cups is washable and can stand up to multiple uses. Sold in large 50-packs, these Solo cold party cups are ideal for any party size.

• Cold cups for convenient holding of cold beverages.
• 16 oz. capacity.
• 16 oz. capacity.
• Contains 50 cold cups per pack.

Whether you’re using them for a picnic or classroom party, you will be pleased to hear that you can reuse SOLO Plastic Cold Party Cups time and time again. Their heavy-duty plastic manufacture means that they won’t get soggy or break after several hours of use, and they also stand up to gentle washing. Large Size
These polystyrene cups are specifically designed to hold 16 ounces of cold drink, such as soda or punch. Combined with their reusability, it means that everyone at your party or picnic can keep well-hydrated and enjoy the fun and chat for many hours at a time, easily holding their cold drink, but also not needing to refill too often. Disposable
Choose economical and disposable SOLO Plastic Cold Party Cups for when you are hosting a large group. Cleaning up is fast and easy, as you can simply put the cups in the trash and have no dishes to wash. It means that your party can last for longer, with no worries about mugs that could be dropped and damaged. .

• Sold as 50 Pack.


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